~ Gallery ~

Please enjoy these photos of pieces that are not included in the catalogue or exhibitions book.

Floor rug: wool and recycled blanket strips, 2014

Left: Round reed and willow twigs. Right: willow, ribbon and feathers.

Selected sculpture work

Above left: bird, willow and round reed. Above right: girl, willow.
Below: sheep, wild grapevine.

Below left: living willow chair. Below right: with Toler and John

Below: woman in wild grapevine, willow and red dogwood.

Below left: Large Bird, round and flat reed. Below right: living ivy bird on round reed frame.


Below left: the Dean's mailbox chicken in Oakville, wild grapevine. Below right: a crazy creature, mixed materials.


Below left: water birds. Below right: activities for children at the Owen Sound Folk Festival.


Clockwise from above left:
Bull Mask, willow
Spitting Cat, red dogwood & willow
Basketmaker, willow & wild grapevine
High Valley Farm Lady, willow & wild grapevine


Below: willow lantern

 Selected Commissioned Pieces 
Clockwise from below: Peter Rabbit, Panels, Conductor