~ Exhibitions ~

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If I had chosen to be an artist who painted pictures (like my grandmother or my sister) or chosen to make sculptures, my exhibition pieces would have lasted to be handed down to the family. However, my large pieces of basketry work are transitional, here today and gone tomorrow. It is for this reason I decided to make this book of my exhibitions and special pieces.

Gateways:syawetaG exhibition in 1993 held at Blackwood Gallery,
Erindale College (University of Toronto), Mississauga Ontario

It is perhaps because my materials are mostly from nature that they have appealed to me. There is a connection with the environment and a respect for all things that grow and are renewable.

Bird created from found materials and waxed linen for
With Love From Lake Ontario,
a 1977 exhibition at The Little Gallery, Oakville Ontario
Bird created from golden willow and rushes for Inspired by Nature, a 2014 exhibition at the McDonald's Corners-Elphin Recreation Arts Schoolhouse (Paintings by Gloria Shoebridge)

My latest bird sculptures are constructed from willow and rushes, they fly and swoop, or sit and contemplate, with no man-made materials. Likewise my grapevine sheep. They will not be eternal and like us will move on to make room for others to follow.

Moving with the digital times I decided to put the book on this website as a PDF file. Anyone interested can download and save it using the button at the top of this page.

Dragon: a table centrepiece