~ Catalogue ~
After 30 years of making, teaching and exhibiting basketry I have collected many baskets.

(Please note the PDF is 32MB so it may take some time to download.)

When I recently moved from my farm to the village of McDonald's Corners I was concerned about the future of these 300+ baskets as they represent my lifetime in the world of basketry, my teaching and international travels. I decided to catalogue the collection with accurate description, photos and provenance where possible. With the help of Kirsten Scott, a catalogue has been printed. This is 345 pages and includes my publications, as well as a detailed index.

Ankaret (right) working on the catalogue with Heather (left).

Moving with the digital times I decided to put the catalogue on this website as a PDF file. Anyone interested can download and save it using the button at the top of this page.

Picnic set, round reed.